Pro Tips To Follow During Residential Door Installations

Your house door keeps you safe from the outside world and also gives your home a splash of curb appeal. The ideal door should have the perfect blend of safety and aesthetic appeal. Since the door links your interior and the outside world, it interacts a lot with the harsh weather elements. If your door has deteriorated because of weather damage, you should consider replacing it with a new model. Here are some tips that professionals recommend on residential door installation.  

Choose Between Pre-Hung and Basic Doors

All door models are available in two options, the pre-hung and simple types. The simple door comes without the frame or any other additions. On the other hand, the pre-hung door comes with components like the frame, hinges, and other supporting structures. If you choose the simple type, you have to buy the frame and other hardware components separately. The simple door is ideal when replacing an existing door whose frame is excellent. 

 Attach Hardware Before the Door

If you choose the door without accompanying hardware, you will have to attach it yourself. It would help if you also considered painting, staining, or finishing the door in other appropriate ways before installing the door. If you find it complicated to add hardware like the hinges, handles, and locks beforehand, let an experienced door installation contractor handle the process for you. The professionals naturally have all the necessary equipment to install the door without a hitch. 

Level the Floor

Level the floor before installing a new frame or door. If you leave the floor uneven, you get a shoddy installation. You might even have to cut the bottom of the jambs for the door to hand evenly. A door installation contractor will have the right tools like shims to help them measure the evenness of the door. 

Test Fit the Door Before Installation

You should test fit the door before permanently attaching it to the opening. Some openings are broader or narrower than the door. Centering it to the space before the installation and checking whether you have a gap between it and the frame helps you adjust it. It would help if you also considered the door gap before the installation. The space is crucial for wooden doors as it allows for expansion and contraction between the cold and hot seasons. 

Hire a door installation team to choose the ideal door type and install it for you. The professionals have the knowledge and experience to put in place a well hung, safe, and appealing door for your house.

For more information on residential door replacement, contact a professional near you.