3 Reasons To Install Impact Windows In Your Sunroom

If you enjoy the benefits of spending time outside, but do not want all the hassles of actually being outside, a sunroom is a perfect solution. However, not just any sunroom, but one outfitted with high-quality impact windows. If you have plans to build a sunroom for your home, or you already have, learn how you can update this addition with impact windows.

1. Sun Protection

Impact windows have increased sun protection compared to traditional windows. A luxury of a sunroom is the fact that space is filled with a refreshing dose of sunlight. However, the design of the room also means that a great deal of ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate the space. 

Given the design of a sunroom, increased exposure to UV rays can mean damage to the floor and furniture, including permanent discoloration. Impact windows have built-in protection that aims to allow natural light into the room, while also minimizing the number of UV rays that penetrate through the glass. 

2. Energy Efficiency

Keeping the temperature regulated in a sunroom can sometimes be a challenge. During the winter, warm air can sometimes escape through the windows, and in the summer, heat from the sun warms the room. Any imbalance in the temperature in this room will increase your heating and cooling costs. 

Impact windows have improved energy efficiency standards in that they naturally help keep heat inside, which is helpful during the winter, and minimize solar gain from the outside, which is helpful during the summer. These windows keep the space more comfortable and help you save. 

3. Noise Cancellation

If your sunroom is facing the backyard or another area with heavy traffic, it is important to keep the sunroom comfortable and private. However, the problem with traditional glass is the fact that sound transfer is a big problem. As a result, if you plan to take a relaxing moment in your sunroom, but have children playing in the backyard, it might be hard to enjoy the space. 

Impact windows do not block out 100% of the sound from the outside, but they do a good job by significantly reducing sound transfer to keep the room quieter. At the same time, the impact windows also restrict the amount of sound from inside the sunroom that transmits out. 

Contact a window installer to learn more about the benefits these windows can afford you and for all your installation needs.