Are You Designing A Guest Bathroom With A Garden Theme?

Are you designing a guest bathroom in a brand new house? Perhaps your kids are now out of the house and you've decided it's high time to redecorate what used to be their bathroom. If you've decided to design the guest bathroom with a garden theme, that more than likely means you love nature, doesn't it? Do you have a plan in place already? If not, from arranging for the installation of a shower door to selecting garden-themed decor, here are some ideas that might help you.

Out With The Shower Curtain - In With The Glass Door! 

It's true that there are many beautiful styles of shower curtains. In fact, there are so many garden-themed ones that you might have trouble deciding on which one you would want for your guest bathroom. Instead of buying another shower curtain, how about arranging for the installation of a glass shower door? 

While selecting a glass shower door might cost more than a shower curtain, think of the fact that it will probably last far longer than even several shower curtains. So, in the long run, the glass shower door will end up paying for itself, won't it? Add the fact that a glass shower door won't cling to one's body the way a shower curtain might, and that makes your choice an even better one.  Glass shower doors are also super easy to care for. Think of leaving a squeegee in an area where your guests can see it so they can use it after a shower.

Think of what kind of hardware you want as part of the design of your glass shower door. Gold-tone or silver-tone hardware will both go well with a garden theme. Besides the shower door handle, think of selecting a model that has a towel rack as part of the design. That will just give you extra space to hang towels.

Out With Kid Decor - In With Garden Decor!

Are you going to feel a little bit melancholy when you remove things like space-themed or princess-themed decor? That melancholy feeling probably won't last once you start shopping for the garden-themed decor that will go into your guest bathroom.

Think of buying towels created with a floral design. Select soap dishes, bathroom tumblers, and toothbrush holders that have flowers in their design, too. And, choose garden-themed artwork for the bathroom walls, too. For example, children at play in a garden would be beautiful, no matter who your visitors are.

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