Putting An End To Thieves Escaping From Your Store

Are you fed up with thieves stealing items out of your store and getting away by running out the front door? The wisest thing that you can do is increase the level of security at the front of your store. The key to preventing a financial loss is to make it difficult for thieves to get away before they are able to be caught. The right security measures will not only lead to fewer items being stolen, but can also put the criminals behind bars where they belong. The list of suggestions in this article will be handy for choosing the right security measures for your store.

Switch to Glass Entry Doors That Revolves

If you want your entry doors to be assist with your fight against thieves, switch to the ones that revolve. The door will be made of glass of a high quality, which can give your store a nice appearance at the front. The best thing about glass revolving doors is that thieves will not be able to rush through them to get out of the store. The doors revolve at a pace that slows thieves down to the extent of them being able to be captured. Revolving doors are available in different types and sizes to meet the needs of your store.

Monitor Suspects on Video Surveillance

If there are not surveillance cameras in your store, you might want to get them installed. Cameras are nice to have because you can monitor the activity of any customers that look suspicious. For example, if a customer seems to be looking around to watch his or her back a lot, it might be a sign that he or she is about to steal something. If you notice such behavior on camera, send one of your employees around the suspect to keep an eye on him or her. The suspect can then be quickly captured before having the opportunity to get out of the store.

Keep a Security Guard Present in the Store

When capturing thieves, it is the type of task that can put someones life at risk. It is a good ideal to leave such a dangerous job to someone that is trained for it. Keep a security guard in your store during business hours so he or she can assist with handling criminals. The guard can be hired to patrol the entire perimeter of the store. Keep in mind that it is up to you as to whether or not the guard is equipped with a gun.

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